Our People

Meet the people who make HubEurope Possible

Christopher Bee


The big boss with the grand plan, the visionary who makes our dreams a reality, and the captain who steers our ship to success! With a head full of big ideas and a heart full of ambition, our CEO is the driving force behind our company’s growth.

Mike Penn


The master of efficiency, and the conductor of our team’s success! With a keen eye for detail and a passion for results. Get ready to be amazed by his ninja-like organisational skills, killer instincts, and cool under pressure demeanour!

Louise Tilley

Business Development Manager

With a nose for opportunity and a passion for success, our BDM is the driving force behind sales expansion. Get ready to be blown away by their energy, ideas, and game-changing strategies!

Laura Price

I.T. Customer Experience Manager

The mastermind who keeps our tech on point, the troubleshooter who tackles any issue, and the brain behind our digital wizardry! With a passion for all things tech and an eye for innovation. Get ready to be wowed by their technical prowess, problem-solving skills, and lightning-fast response time!

Georgia Lempriere

Customer Services

Our expert Customer Service Agent, always positive and dedicated to providing top-notch service. Contact Georgia for any questions or help needed.

Kevin Goldswain

Financial Director

The money guru who keeps us in the black, the accounting wizard who makes sense of the numbers, and the maestro of our fiscal destiny! With an eagle eye for detail and a passion for profitability

Maria-Clara Thaureux

Head of Human Resources

Head of H.R. and office management. Multi talented with a cool calm head, suited to the challenges that just in time logistics sometimes throw up!

John or Jane Doe

Maybe You?

Looking for a change of career. If you are excellent at what you do, maybe you could join the team.

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Channel Island Deliveries
(+44) (0)1534 280904

UK Sales
(+44) (0)1543 561749

U.S.A. Enquiries
(+1) 361 233 4007

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