Walsall - UK Hub

105,000 Sq Feet of premium warehouse space, located in the middle of the UK’s transport links

Westpoint | Middlemore Lane West | Aldridge | Walsall | WS9 8BG

105,000 Sq Feet of premium warehouse space, located in the middle of the UK’s transport links

Southampton International Airport

Units 1 & 2 | The Cargo Centre | Mitchel Way | Southampton International Airport | SO18 2HG

HMRC Approved Bonded Facility | Airline Cargo Handling | Airline In Flight Catering | BIRDS Licensed | Security Screening

Southampton Airport in Hampshire offers easy access to the South Coast and London. The airport provides efficient warehouse and freight services, reliable lifeline services to the Channel Islands, and customisable in-flight catering services for airlines. It’s a great choice for businesses and passengers alike.

Jersey Airport

HMRC Approved & Bonded Storage | Customs Clearance Agents | Airline GHA | GST Registered

Unit 5| The Cargo Centre | Jersey Airport | ST Peter | Jersey | JE3 7BY

Jersey Airport’s air cargo operations are handled by a single operator with over 35 years of experience. The company plays a crucial role in the delivery of essential services to the island, including mail, courier, blood transfusions, vital medical equipment, pet relocation, and repatriation of human remains. This operator is responsible for ensuring that supplies of critical goods reach the island in a timely and efficient manner, benefiting both the local community and businesses. Its extensive experience in cargo handling and logistics management ensures that the island’s air cargo needs are met with the highest level of professionalism and expertise. As the sole provider of air cargo services at Jersey Airport, its contribution to the local economy and community cannot be overstated.

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